Saturday, April 11, 2015


Have you ever been on a great date? A date that made you want to rush to seeing the person again for the next date. In the world of singlehood, dating and figuring out what makes a perfect date can be somewhat daunting. Some men have lost the idea of what dating means, and instead would rather you meet them at their "cribs". For us old fashioned girls we still enjoy being pampered, and treated like the queens we are as we are in the courting stage with a guy. Today on the "The Meredith Vieira Show" Ashanti spilled some suttle tea on her latest date with God knows who. Since the Braveheart singer's break-up with Nelly, she's seemed pretty unbothered being linked to a few people, but no confirmed love matches. Is it me or do some of you think she kind of always hopes Nelly is watching her as she makes great attempts to move on.

On the show Ashanti goes into detail on what her latest amazing first date was. AShanti seemed to be cheesing, and blushing, all over the place as she gushed about the mystery guy who took her out on the perfect date.

Below are the highlights:

Meredith: So Ashanti what would be your idea of the perfect first date.

Ashanti: I would definitely say a nice restaurant, it’s not too loud so you can actually hear yourselves talk, the lighting, white table clothes and you can connect and it’s not so serious that you feel like you have to be engaged but you kind of get to know the person you talk, you laugh,you’re eating, you are having a good time, it’s relaxed and it’s not too stuffy. I had a fabulous first date a few months ago. It was beautiful because there was a lot of thought put into it. It was cute, it was right up here at Milos. The food was amazing, the lighting was gorgeous, the tables, the waiters were really cool.

I have to agree with Ashanti on this one, the perfect first date for me would be sitting at a nice restaurant, enjoying a great meal, over some great conversation. I'm not one of those women that wants to mountain climb, and play video games- a nice meal would do just fine.

What's been your favorite dating experiences?? Anything amazing, let me know!!!

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