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My ex who I was in love with recently two months to be exact plastered his new girl on instagram for me to see, what do I do?

Well two things for one thing two people were involved but it sounds like one was in a different relationship. If anyone remotely cared about the other they just wouldn't risk the chance of hurting the other person in that manner. I know people move on, but if he cares that little to shove it in your face sister girl move on and thank God for moving you away from such a hurtful, unemotional, creature. It sounds like this person never really respected you, and probably never will. I say avoid them and their new boo at all cost. Continue to do the things that make you happy, prayer, travelling, gym, and move on with your life to establish peace. Hurt people hurt people, and I never thought this was as true as it is now in my life. You can't expect anything from someone who doesn't know how to give it, or what it means to value you.

I got involved with a guy at church who used religion as a means to explain flaky behavior. I really cared about him, but we ended up being apart.  How do I move forward and keep worshipping?

First and foremost you must pray, you have to keep putting God first in all things because through him will you be able to discern when people are being real in church, or trying to manipulate. Do not let the incident ruin your relationship with the church, but also if you feel like you are not focused by all means you may want worship somewhere else. Keep your head up, and keep asking God for the healing you need.

I got involved with my friend's boyfriend, I feel guilty how do I stop? 
Honestly involved with a guy with someone else isn’t really what I would call involved. You are involved with who you think he is, because nowhere in your mind should you think he is a good man, or a loyal man and he’s involved with you and your friend. Granted there have been some situations where this does work out in your favor and the guy realizes you’re the girl of his dreams and leaves his girlfriend but I would say the percentage of that happening is so slim. More than not it usually ends up with him married, moving on, and  you with hurt feelings. Firstly he needs to evaluate why he’s cheating on his girlfriend, secondly you should evaluate where the void is in you that is making you want to date, or carry on with a man that has someone else and at that your own friend. There are great books out there that can help uplift you and encourage you. Since you abviously need cleansing of the soul, you can start out by praying for clarity on the situation. By no means am I saying this is an easy feat, but do remember staying and waiting to get hurt, or leaving the situation now will probably grant you better off in the end. We all fall short, and make mistakes so don’t beat up on yourself. It is deffinately hard out here for a single woman these days, but double crossing your friends, and living a lie, will never get you the man you deserve

Someone I was dating recently told me that the only time they wanted to hook up was over happy hour, and that there would be no plans of meeting up for dinner because they had just moved into an apartment and didn't have it like that? Should I keep seeing them, or was that a deal breaker?

If you guys have been dating for a while, and you like them I would say suggest cheaper things that you guys can do. This is a rough economy, and most people are struggling. However if this is a new accquaintence and it seems like the bar is the only place they can meet you, one: they are trying to get in your pants, or are that dense that conversation over dinner, or some place that doesn't include drinks is way to advanced for them. I'm not sure about how I feel about a person I'm just meeting tellling me this though. You are basically letting me know there is basically nothing more to look forward to, and this is where the buck stops. I would keep my dating options open. lol. You don't want to meet someone new and the first thing you are learning about them is that they are struggling. Those things are made for relationships. lol

Its the day after a first date, and I received a text message of the person's genital parts? Should that be a deal breaker?
Firstly what happened on the first date? Did you a send a message, or a tone that sex was going to be the next step? If not this person maybe a total weirdo. Some people love to show what the package will be, so you can get a general idea of what you are working with, or will show you so they can entice you into having sex. The truth is the way you handle this could be merely about what your moral standards are. If you are by no means willing to be cooperating in pre-marital sex, then this may not be the person for you but if you do plan on engaging sexually, but know this picture is very  pre-conceived; I would definitely tell the person to back off. I admit that could be a big possible turn-off for someone who isn't thinking about that at all. Especially when you have just met someone. I'm sure this was quite frightening. I would keep my eyes, and my ears open from now on.............Either that or go with your gut and delete their number.

Would you date anyone who did not believe in God, if you yourself totally believed, and in fact never missed a day on church on Sunday's?

Honestly sometimes two people can co-exist with different views about the world and still manager to be together but it really all depends on what is important to you. We all want partners that fit the qualities we like, so does a person who doesn't believe in God fit your criteria? How long will it be till your differences start to play out in the relationship? You may want to drop on your knees and pray to  your God and they may look at your foolishly.

I'm dating someone who has kids and they will not allow me to meet their kids and we have been dating for six months, should I feel offended?

The kid topic is sensitive, and if you don't have an identified relationship with this person why should you meet their children? Try to establish what you represent to eachother first then everything else will make sense. Would you want anyone to meet your kids that you even had a single doubt about, or that was merely a friend; I think not. Try to have that sit down, and everything else will fall into place.

I haven't been in a relationship for about six months, and was recently asked if I would participate in non committed sex with someone who is not available emotionally, but who doesn't mind using me as the "meantime" or vice versa? Do you think this is wise if I'm single anyway and we both have nothing to lose?

If you are a big girl and want to be some one's sex machine go right ahead. The only thing I will say though is that we as women are always the ones who are the game changers. When we catch feelings or want more we expect that the rules will change. If you are lucky they will but if you allow someone to get what they want from jump without much sacrifice for your emotional health why should they change. People are creatures of habit. Will you be respected in the long run, for making the right decision for you probably. I would advise you to go into constant prayer and meditation on why you are willing to use your body as a meantime situation. If you need some cuddling in the meantime try to focus your sights on the person of your dreams, and find ways to bring them to you either energy wise or physically but don't sell yourself short in the meantime.

I used to date this guy, but when he wouldn't commit I let him go. A couple of weeks I saw him at a party and I missed him so much, I feel like I need to give it another chance?
I'm not sure what you want to give another chance, do you want to see if he can really break your heart this time?  I say if you want to see where his head is at now, you better ask before you start missing him again. Remember you left him alone for a reason.

Should I continue dating someone, who says that they have commitment issues, and scared to love?
This question depends on what in fact you are looking for. If you are not looking to commit yourself, and won't mind dealing with the inconsistences of this person emotionally then go for it. If however, you are looking to settle down and start a life with someone you may want to ease up on dating this person. Some people will even say this in the beginning,  but open their hearts anyway, but there are no guarantees, and unless you  have time to waste, don't bank your time on it. If they really want you, they will know just what to do to come after you, and let you know that they are ready to love on you and let you in.

Would you date a man who just had a baby with his ex, and is not married to her?

This can pose a problem on so many different levels. One you may have a bitter ex on your hands, who doesn't want her ex moving on with you. She also may not want her child around you, because somehow or another she feels you intercepted in their getting back together, nomatter how long they have been broken up. Keep in mind he now forever is bound to his ex, he is not married to; and don't look for him to be giving you any little ones anytime soon. If you love the man, just know that if you do decide to pursue the relationship, these are all factors that will come into play.

What let's me know if I'm going at the right pace in a relationship???

L.Y.P- You are going at the right pace in a relationship if both people are on the exact same page. There is great wisdom in learning the process of discernment amongst people, and especially relationships. Your gut, or your God sense will never steer you wrong. So the next time if you are wondering" Am I going to fast" know that; your inner voice will never steer you wrong. Perhaps it's time to slow down.... Be very careful though that fear, is not guiding your decisions. The only way fear can guide your decisions however, is if you are going from one thing to the next, so ladies, be alert, and use your own discernment... and take enough time for yourself in between loves to know when right is right, and wrong is wrong...

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I have been dating this guy for like 3 weeks, and he's been footing the bill.. but last week I took him to eat, and he allowed me to pay for the entire evening; with no intervention to take on the dinner, drinks, and tip that I left?

Girl it's nice to reciprocate when dating. It shows that you are not selfish, open to being a provider for your mate as well. However if he's not your  man and it's only been a few weeks; lighten up on the paying for the entire evening. It's good to split the bill in the beginning, or cover drinks, or even pay the tip, but in the way beginning like weeks in; let him woe you... If it's been about three months and you feel like you guys are headed in a good direction be my guest and take over the night.

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