Former Love & Hip Hop star Emily B. just landed the job as a creative director job for the trendy fashion brand Bebe! Emily’s serving as creative director of Bebe’s footwear collection and she’s giving out a sneak peek of the line. Funners!!!

Miss Evelyn Lozada has a killer body, and now she's showing us ladies how to get there by releasing a work out video called 'Real Fit Female' to show us how to get our abs, thighs and all that in order. Embrace the talents that God has given you ladies, you never know where he will bless you. From reality star, to now showing people how to get fit is a great accomplishment. Great job Evelyn. Check out the video above.


Love this lipstick "Pink Nouveau" from MAC it looks so good on!



Want to find out how to keep that hair tamed, manageable, shiny, without being weighed down go to For the ladies that love to stay GLAMMED up from May 16th to June 5th now is your chance to enter to win three wonderful products. Log onto my blog for details, and don't wait, these products are good.




 Everyone knows I'm  a weave hair wearing girl, and I love going to the hair salon. However those times when I can't hit the salon, and I have an event to go to, I have to grab my go-to products that I know will get the job done. Usually I don't like trying new products unless a friend recommends them, but I found out about Parnevu one day when I needed some cream hair dress for my   edges, which are the messiest as you all know with weaves. I wanted something that would give my hair control without the damp wet look of most other creams. I walked into my beauty supply store looking through tons of products to choose from, but I wanted to try something new, and right then and there I found magic. Even though I wanted a cream check out the amazing products I picked up by this brand of hair care. It left my hair shiny, no flaking, and just enough moisture for my long days. Try something new, that serves all purposes for our hair. Parnevu!!


PARNEVU Extra Dry Crème Hairdress

 PARNEVU Extra Dry Crème Hairdress is a light therapeutic hair and scalp treatment that when used on a regular basis improves hair's texture and prevents breakage. Elastic lubricants penetrate hair strands and provide flexibility throughout subsequent maintenance. It will replace nature's moisture at the scalp, soothing dryness and promoting root development.

 PARNEVU Extra Dry Oil Styling Lotion

PARNEVU Extra Dry Oil Styling Lotion is specially formulated with Vitamin E and the finest natural oils to protect, condition, and moisturize your hair. It absorbs into hair, replacing vital moisture lost due to chemical damage and everyday styling. Use it every time you style your hair to maintain your hair's natural moisture level and manageability.
PARNEVU Extra Dry Shining Gel
PARNEVU Extra Dry Shining Gel adds extra control to help hard-to-hold styles stay in place while leaving your hair beautifully shiny. This unique formula gives long-lasting style and gloss combined with moisturizers and conditioners that leave the hair manageable, full of body, and extra sheen without flaking. This gel assures greater control, deeper penetration, and the style you dare to create.


For more information on these products please check their site, and social outlets!!!

La La Anthony isn't playing she is taking her health seriously these days with her new work out plan "60 Days Of Fitness" prompted by the Game. "A group of driven fitness folk, meet daily at LA’s Runyon Canyon and workout, literally–doing cardio, hiking, jogging, etc."

Read more: out her results. Wow.

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Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 8.05.38 AM


tami roman-wendy williams-werk nail polish-the jasmine brand

Wendy Williams and Tami Roman joined forced to create a polish called #WERK, and lip-gloss. Tami's line is entitled "Spring Love" by 'TR' Love cosmetics. The fun part is this is sold as a duo deal with polish and gloss, with mirror attached. Talk about a girls treat.
“I’m so excited that Wendy Williams and I collaborated on a special nail polish for her fans! Wendy exudes and embraces confidence, beauty and is the epitome of a hard working woman. I wanted to create an affordable and fun product that would make every woman feel gorgeous, sexy and confident.”

FULL COVER CONCEALOR- This has a great finish for under eyes

Yeah, for most of us we are dealing with the horrible reality that we are getting older and we can't stay up all night and not suffer the repercussions. We are battling dark circles, tiredness with lack of sleep, and sometimes even wrinkles. One thing I know for sure nobody thinks circles are a good thing so here's some tips on how to combat those woes.

  • 1. Drink at least ten glasses of water everyday.
  • 2. Yoga can also help you to get rid of dark circles. Do pranayam for at least 5 minutes everyday.
  • 3. Massage dark circles with any cold cream before going to bed at least for 15 minutes.
  • 4. Apply a paste of turmeric powder with pineapple juice.
  • 5. Dip cotton balls in rose water or chilled water and keep it over the darker areas for 5-10 minutes.
  • 6. Almond oil is the excellent skin food. Massage under and around the eyes with almond oil daily for 2 weeks.
  • 7. Apply moisturizers with natural ingredients such as avocado oil, sesame, vitamin K and Vitamin E.
  • 8. Apply a paste of powdered almonds and milk under the eyes.
  • 9. Slurp this juice to get rid of those tainted circles. Drink tomato juice with some mint leaves, lemon juice and salt.
  • 10. Eat food with rich vitamins and iron. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • 11. Use sunglasses while out in the sun to protect your eyes from the harmful rays.
  • 12. Cut some fresh figs in half and place them under the eyes. Keep them there for 15 to 30 minutes and rinse it with warm water.

Citation: Disabled World News (2009-07-03) - Lists several methods to get rid of dark circles under the eyes using household home remedy products:

Even though, I love giving you all my favorite L.Y.P beauty favorites, I couldn't help but update you this month on a horrifying story I read in Essence magazine. Sometimes the price we pay for beauty can be too much. Before we decide to do anything to our bodies ladies, let's do some research and please don't let it be boot-leg, I mean it's your body, and your health. You cannot fix that if you play with it. Read below for the grippling story!!

"Teased by her family and friends about her flat "pancake" booty, Apryl Michelle Brown had always been insecure about her backside. Once she got enough money, she told herself, she'd buy herself a better one. "I didn't know if I wanted to look like Janet Jackson or J. Lo," the Los Angeles cosmetologist, 46, says in an exclusive interview featured in the November issue of ESSENCE magazine. "I just wanted a new, bigger booty."

Tragically, her quest for curves cost her all her limbs and almost her life.
In 2004, Brown says she paid a "pumper," an unlicensed person, to inject industrial-grade silicone into her buttocks. Brown can't recall how much the woman actually charged — maybe $500, maybe $1,000 — but over time, she says, the area became intensely irritated and painful, and the skin blackened. By early 2006 she says the silicone had hardened, causing severe pain and infection, ultimately requiring her to have lifesaving amputation of her limbs last year.
Now adjusting to her new life with prosthetics, Brown shares her story — and her warning for others tempted to check out "pumping parties" — with writer Amy Elisa Keith in ESSENCE. "I was left here for a purpose," she says. "I have to get the word out so that nobody else makes this choice."

Written by: Amy Elisa Keith

For more information pick up your November issue of Essence Magazine, and find story below:

I love, love, love this new season's very colored lips trend. Ladies we don't have to always have on lip-gloss; now we can do reds, pink, and very bright pinks. Check out pink poodle lip glass at M.A.C Cosmetics!

Eva Marcille Best Style, Fashion & Looks: Check out some of the most stunning Eva Marcille fashion moments as well a new sneak peek of Oxygen's Girlfriend Confidential LA. These images include Eva on the Red Carpet as well as some of her best fashion moments on Girlfriend Confidential LA. This girl has a knack for fashion and proves to be one of the most fashionable and style innovators on the scene.

GFC LA Episode 4 Sneak Peek - Eva & Kelly Discuss Struggles
In this clip Eva and Kelly discuss their progression and how far they have come in life. Tune into Girlfriend Confidential Mondays at 11 p.m. EST on Oxygen, and take a look at our favorite fashion moments with Eva Marcille.

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Black Opal, the leading cosmetics brand for people of color partnered with emerging designer Samantha Black to present the 2013 S/S runway collection. Celebrity make-up artist and Black Opal Artistic Director Frank Guyton served as the key make-up artist creating a retro look with a fresh and new twist.

Designer Samantha Black's inspiration -
"My inspiration for this collection started off with simple SOHO brunch. Back in the day women used to dressed up.They were classy and feminine. Today, brunch is more of a scene, funky, sassy and very fashionable.  My collection is a mixture of both, colliding vintage fashion with a modern twist; while remaining very feminine, sassy and innovative."
See attached photos from backstage and fashion show.

I have to admit, this is always a headache of mine. I go and get a manicure on Wednesday, by Monday I'm hiding my nails. My polish is off, and my nails are all broken. LOL. Hellobeautiful comes up with a simple way to keep them going....
Here’s a quick tip to protect your manicure:
1. Apply topcoat daily. It is the number-one way to ensure your manicure lasts.
2. Sweep on a protective topcoat daily to increase your nail polish’s staying power.

Is Rihanna not fit to be an image for Nivea brand. Face wise she's a hit, but yesterday the brand made an announcement that she may not quite fit the image they are. Nivea stands for trust, family and reliability unfortunately they couldn't figure out how to join the two, and have them make sense. I mean Rihanna is our modern day rock-star, what were they expecting prom dresses? Maybe Rihanna should keep her image behind closed doors and she'll have a better chance of having a brand, that consistently uses her as a viable asset to their companies.

Tired of that cakey lip with MAC lip glasses, well here's a solution. MAC has produced a lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of M∙A∙C Lipglass. Soft, comfortable, non-sticky. Applies with a doe-foot applicator. Use as a top layer to its namesake Lipstick or on its own. So the next time you talking to that special someone, and you are worried about that cakey white residue, remember MAC offers options...

Are make up brushes the new "haves". According to many make up professionals yes it is.. It really plays a part in what foundation, powder, and even an eye shadow can do. According to Hello Beautiful: A quality set of makeup brushes is the equivalent to that designer bag or Christian Louboutin pumps you own because they first make you feel good, but also because they’re investment purchases that’ll last well into the future. So the next time, you snag that new powder or foundation find out what is the best way of applying and it will really affect what happens with your canvas.


 New Foundation technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalized finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moisturizing demi-matte finish with line-reducing soft-focus powders. Medium buildable coverage offering broad spectrum SPF 15 protection. Try it!

Not that I condone this, but I do remember me trying this with a hair pin at home.  There’s a new product on the market—the HDE Nose Up Bridge Straightening Beauty Clip.  This #1 bestselling product in Japan requires users to wear this clip for a minimum of 15 minutes a day all for a whopping $5.  Of course at the time I didn’t realize I was succombuing to our American beauty standards, but for those who feel they hate their nose like I did, it’s worth a try, than getting a nose job.;



KIM KIMBLE HOOKS US UP WITH SOME HAIR TIPS! interviewed Kim Kimble Kim  the owner of Kimble Hair Studio in West Hollywood and reality TV star of WeTV’s “L.A. Hair”. We couldn’t discuss full details about her new salon, but she did offer some insight into the craziness of being a salon owner and great summer hair dos and dont’s. Kimble who has been a salon owner for over 10 years, revealed that “L.A. Hair” allowed her to see what really goes on at the salon when she’s not present. She was surprised by many of the antics of China, the salon manager. But said it’s a part of the business.

Peep some of Kimble’s hair tips:
  1. If you wear a weave, don’t get it re-done too often without giving your hair a rest in between.
  2. Be realistic, find the right texture and color to blend with your hair.
  3. Don’t leave a weave in for longer than 3 months.
  4. Wash your hair regularly, once a week.
  5. If you do an ombre, get it done right. Ombre should be a gradient effect of color lightening.
For all things Kim Kimble, follow her @KimbleHairCare and catch her on WeTV.;


Facial Scrubs: The Basics Of Exfoliating

Facial scrubs are beneficial to you for many reasons:

1. They remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, they help to unclog pores, they stimulate blood flow which is more prevalent in mechanical exfoliation (the physical rubbing of dead skin off also known as gommage).

2. They promote the growth of new skin cells (cell turnover)
3. They make your skin look brighter and feel smoother.

Check out what first lady Michelle Obama's Aesthetician JeElle Lyon's has to say about keeping your skin together for the summer.
With summer already here, your skin may be feeling a bit oilier than its important to keep skin clear with the changes in weather.  JoElle’s at home remedies will have your skin feeling fresh PLUS you already have these items in your kitchen! JoElle said to me, “What are the 2 things that everyone has in their kitchen??  Oil and Vinegar!”  Of course I said, how simple!! These recipes are specifically for keeping skin clear.

Vinegar & Oatmeal Facial Scrub (exfoliating vinegar is mixed with moisturizing oil, salt and oatmeal)

30ml/2 tbsp fine oatmeal
30ml/2 tbsp salt
5ml/1 tsp sweet almond oil or avocado oil
5ml/1 tsp cider vinegar

1. Mix the fine oatmeal with the salt and sweet almond oil or avocado oil in a bowl. When thoroughly combines, stir in the cider vinegar.
2. Wash the face with hot water and mild cleanser, pat dry, leaving the skin moist.
3. Gently exfoliate with the scrub, working around the nose and chin, up the cheeks and across the forehead. Avoid the delicate areas around the eyes.
4. Rinse well with hot water and pat dry.

Exfoliating  Lemon Juice & Olive Oil Masque (oily skin and blackheads)

30ml/2 tbsp oatmeal
30ml/2 tbsp yogurt
15ml/1 tbsp lemon juice
15ml/1 tbsp olive oil

1. Place all the ingredients into a small bowl and mix well to make a paste.
2. Smooth the mask over the face
3. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse off with cool water.

Hey L.Y.P Service Fans,
A few weeks ago I was having a bad weave/hair day, and my sides were all the way nappy. After scrolling through various products in the beauty supply store, I ran across Parnevu!!! Parnevu products gave me the freedom to put a product in my hair that wasn't going to weigh it down and give me a bad hair day. Well fans now you can enjoy the fabulous product yourself. Starting tomorrow May 16 I will be giving away these great products to a lucky winner. You have till June 5th to enter, so don't waste any time. It works ladies!!! Trust me. I am giving away three products for free!!!! Please check out products on: Please remember to do exactly as follows....
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Thursday night, Bria Murphy launched Dark and Lovely's "6 Week Anti-Reversion Cream Serum" at Studio Arte in New York City.  Bria's been making her mula from the creamy crack company for over a year.  Product looks like it will do wonders for hair.

I really love this product. I learned about it on when I was looking to get a better wear out of my curly weave, that I tried with synthetic hair. Normally doing weaves is a no-no with synthetic hair, but this product actually gives you a bang for your buck. It really accentuates curles, and gives you a nice shine after a wash... John Frieda- Dream curls, curl perfecting spray.