Friday, April 3, 2015


Would you take your husband back if he kept cheating? Would you take your boyfriend back if all he did was cheat? Some women feel a marriage is worth saving since God honors marriage, and you should be willing to fight for your marriage. However, when do you say enough is enough when you know a man is just no good? After Daniel 'Booby' Gibson cheated for like the umptieth time recently, we all thought that was it, but TMZ is reporting Keyshia Cole and husband are back on, and even travelling together!!

"TMZ Sports now brings you concrete-ish evidence that the on-again/off-again marriage of former NBA star Daniel “Booby” Gibson and his R&B star wife Keyshia Cole is currently ON AS HELL.

We got video of the couple — plus their adorable son — out at LAX together yesterday and when we asked Booby how the relationship was doing he replied, “We’re doing great.”

The two were famously on bad terms until just recently … when they were seen all over each other at the premiere of Keyshia’s new reality show — begging the question … reconciliation?!

Canoodling at a premiere is one thing — but making an airport trip together … totally banging again, right?!"

Mmm, do you ladies agree? How much cheating would you allow your hubbie to do before you pull the plug and say enough? We all know relationships can be fly by night but is it easy to give up on your husband? I'm torn, because I feel like a cheating boyfriend can always be left to the wolves, but how easy is it to walk out on kids, and family?

Share your thoughts???


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