Friday, November 22, 2013


I like Chris Brown as an artist but it does worry me that if people don't intercede along with his mom, that we are going to hear about this guy doing something crazy, or putting his music and talent at risk with his radical behavior. Chris Brown has been ordered back to rehab for 90 days after a huge blow out with his mom weeks ago, by where he was released for the behavior. Why in Lord's name would they release him, isn't this anger management rehab? Anyhoo his mom Mrs Joyce has finally decided to speak out and let everyone know her son is a weed addicted angry guy and he needs help. Not that we all couldn't see this ourselves.

One thing she did say that always amazes me is how she feels Chris's behavior is because of his mooching thugged out friends. Firstly Chris is a grown man, but isn't it always interesting how the people around you who are using you will never tell you when you are headed down the wrong path. The good thing about this is Chris's music career hasn't been affected, but his image I'm not so sure about that. I hope he trully gets the help he needs, and this is me really speaking from a place of care.

Alot of times bloggers report things for gossip reasons but I trully feel Chris has issues, and I'm hoping God can intervene.

Here is what TMZ reported about his mom and her thoughts on the entire ordeal:

Chris Brown’s mom thinks his friends are a bunch of disrespectful scumbags who got him hooked on drugs and turned him into a thug … this according to sources close to the Brown family.

The mommy issues clearly go deeper than just chucking rocks at her car … apparently Breezy and his mom have been having issues off and on for a long time … mostly due to his out-of-control friends.

According to sources close to Chris … his mom believes his crew only hangs around for the money and fame … and she thinks they got him addicted to weed.

We’re told the pot smoking got so bad … Chris was regularly stoned around his own mother … and she got fed up with his disrespectful behavior.

"Glory To The Highest"

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