Thursday, April 10, 2014


I am not going to lie sometimes being a Christian is a real growing process. We all have a responsibility to be honorable to God, but what if you have to play that out on television for millions to judge. OUCH. I'm not going to lie sometimes I've watched 'Mary, Mary' and cringed at how emotional they were, how real things got when it came down to their relationships, and conflicts on the show. How far is too far? and is Christians doing reality televion questionable? Check out what assistant Pastor, former 'Apprentice' contestant Omarosa and sister to Gospel duo 'Mary, Mary' Goo-Goo had to say, on

Omarosa: If anytime you can get people talking about the church, reflecting about religion, reflecting about their relationships with God, what’s appropriate and what we’re not appropriate than we’re winning. I’m an assistant pastor at Weller Street Missionary Baptist church and ordain baptist minister and I tell you as much as you try to get people to come into the kingdom it’s very difficult. So this is a vehicle to introducing, reintroducing people and encouraging people to be apart of the kingdom.

Goo Goo: You know I tell the truth right? I think they be wilding out on the show and people are entitled to do what they want to do and you never how they’re going to edit the show but some of the stuff I wish they kind of would conceal. Because it’s kind of one of those things that its like, that’s family business. We all know that we have ups and downs like that fight I almost got into last week, I wouldn’t put that on TV.

Omarosa: But you know what? When you’re in that moment—because I’ve had a lot of those fights on TV—it’s so important to be authentic and to allow whatever’s going to transpire to transpire, I wish there were times I would have held back, but sometimes people really tick me off.

Goo Goo: That’s true sometimes people really tick me off but I’m not a pastor. I’m glad we’re able to see the work that they do, how much they give to the ministry, sometimes their wives and families are 2nd and 3rd to the ministry. Sometimes it has their perks and somethings it’s like ooh it’s not that.

Big congratulations to Miss Kandi Burruss Tucker again on her wedding this past weekend, and check out her hot dress she wore!! Wow. I have seen some great wedding dresses this year, but this one was classic. Designed by Reco Chapple, the ostrich-feather custom gown, with a 12-foot train, cost $20,000. Beautiful...

I know we all are growing up but I was shocked to hear that Miss Brandy Norwood turned 35 years old. lol. I don't feel bad after all. This week the singer turned actress Brandy Norwood stopped by the Queen Latifah Show, which I haven't watched yet! While chatting with Queen Latifah, Brandy chatted about a monumental 35th Birthday bash. No longer engaged (reportedly her and fiance Ryan Press ended things earlier this year after dating 3 years), WOW. MEN!!!Keeping doing you sis, your husband is coming. God Bless You!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Relationships and marriages are definitely work, but we would like to have faith that when men of God get married those relationships have a sure chance of working out. Well, not sure if you guys remember but rapper Mason Betha turned pastor twelve years ago and started a church with his wife Twyla. News has recently broke out that after selling tons of books, and pastoring a church, the two were secretly filing divorce papers in different states.

Well here is what TMZ had to say:

According to TMZ, not only are they divorcing, it appears to be a bit messy. Reportedly, Mase initially filed for divorce, asking for the couple’s two children. A few weeks later, he dropped the divorce case. Allegedly, the day after Mase filed in Atlanta, Twyla filed for legal separation in San Diego. In return, Mase filed asking for a full-blown divorce. Reportedly, in the legal documents filed by Mase, it indicated that they had been separated since 2012.

Umm really why would they fake being a couple though?. Supposedly the two were separated since 2012 I'm sure there is a huge explanation for this... I hope. I like Mase, and I've always been very proud of him for choosing his faith over the world. I hope this works out.

God Bless You!!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014


In Touch can exclusively confirm that Kandi Burruss has said “I do!” A rep for the Real Housewives of Atlanta star confirms to In Touch that Kandi and TV producer Todd Tucker wed in a beautiful ceremony in Atlanta on April 4. “This is one of the best days of my life! I never imagined that I would marry my best friend. Awww I thought this was so special. So happy for your Kandi!!!

I was kind of wondering what Mama Joyce was cooking up now, but I realized I wanted to stay in the happy moment. I hope she finds a place where she can allow her daughter to make her own decisions, and respect her union.

God Bless!!!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


What would you do if your father was a Pastor and you ended up pregnant and unmarried. At just only 13 years old the daughter of T.D Jakes-Sarah Jakes ended up pregnant and had to tell her dad. After giving birth to her son at age 14,the now 25-year-old mother of two is a well known minister, who speaks to young women worldwide.

Recently, on ‘Good Morning Texas’, Jakes shared her story and discussed her biography, ‘Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life’.

This is so inspiring, and I am happy she was not ashamed to show who she was with a father with so much prestige in the Christian community and still having the faith to know her story needed to be told. Live Out Loud Girl!! Love you. Check out the interview below:

Good Morning Texas

Monday, March 31, 2014


Welp, 50 Cent joined Power 105's 'The Breakfast Club' and of course 50 Cent kept us listening with his keeping it all the way real attitude, so we heard a lot. What's he up to these days? 50 Cent is releasing a new independent album entitled 'Animal Ambition, and he's on Diddy's Revolt TV. 50 Cent also talked about how these days he travels by himself or so we think. lol. I love this guys personality, and swag. Check it out!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Would you be ok if the woman that supposedly stole your hubbie invited you to go away with them for the sake of the kids years later once they were married? That word forgiveness is a huge word, and you have not encountered unconditional love, until you are truly one with this word. The allegations of Alicia having stole Switz Beatz from Mashonda are still here-say -but I believe we heard it from the horses mouth, when Alicia and him first started dating, and Mashonda went on a public tirade. Anyway that's neither here nor there. Read where they went:

"Celebrating family friend Gabriella Todd’s birthday, Swizz and Alicia didn’t hold back as they showered each other with affection with Mashonda sitting right next to them. Meanwhile, Mashonda was all smiles as she enjoyed quality time with her and Swizz’s son Kasseem Dean Jr."

Back in 2011, she penned an open letter revealing that she had learned to forgive for the sake of her son:

"It took some time, but I now realize that even my former husband and his new wife, are my partners in this wonderful journey. When I look into Kasseem’s eyes, I see the joy in his heart by having such a wonderful, blended family that loves him so much. As this blended family of ours continues to grow, I look forward to the months and years ahead raising our children together as one."

Could this be you?

I am all for families staying together on the strength of children, but I'm not so sure I would have traveled with my ex-husband and his new wife, maybe dinner lololol. Who knows.

God Bless You!!

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"The search finally ends for the Malaysian plane that went missing, and the way the families were alerted was through a text message. Wow.

The Malaysia Airlines plane missing for 17 days crashed in a remote part of the Indian Ocean and there were no survivors among the 239 people aboard, officials said Monday. The grim determination, based on analysis of satellite data points, came as search vessels fought harsh weather and rough seas Monday in an effort to reach the region, about 1,500 miles southwest of Australia’s west coast, where investigators say Flight 370 went down. Satellite images and crews in search planes have spotted potential debris in the area, but stormy weather led the search to be called off on Tuesday. It will resume on Wednesday, weather permitting. No debris has been recovered.

In a press conference early Tuesday, Malaysia Airlines’ CEO defended the use of text messaging to deliver the crushing news, explaining the company’s “sole and only motivation” was that the families “heard the news from us and not the media.”

“My heart breaks to think of the unimaginable pain suffered by all of the families,” CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said. “We do not know why, we do not know how this terrible tragedy happened.” He said the airline would pay $5,000 to each passenger’s next of kin, plus additional money as the search continues.

I don't know but I just think $5,000 dollars, and a text message would have angered me after I lost my family. What are they thinking?? Unfortunately this is a horrible tragedy, and my prayers go out to them.

God Bless You