Thursday, November 21, 2013


How soon is too soon to date, when you still up in divorce court seperating from the last marriage. Ummm I would say too soon. After a wife seperates from her husband she should take time to get her bearings together, and really figure out what direction life will take her in, but according to Porsha Stewart from 'Houswewives Of Atlanta', not soo much. Not sure if this was a joke or what but Porsha joined 'The Steve Harvey' talk show this week to get involved in a dating game! I was quite uncomfortable for her to say the least. I wasn't sure if this chick was showing off for television, or trying to get her husband back for embarrassing her (Kordell Stewart).

If you don't know the run down Kordell created a twitter frenzy some time ago when he let the world know that he was divorcing Porsha via this social media outlet. Welp fast forward and the mess is still unfolding as we watch Porscha week by week slander her husband, by implying he was gay, or that he was a wife beater. Who am I but I strongly believe in keeping the things that go on in relationships and marriages private. It's ok to express hurt, but to be running your household business through the mud on national television, chile, I hope she knows if it wasn't totally over before it trully is now. SMH.

Marriage is sacred by God, and for me it just feels like Porscha should be handling things privately, and moving on with her life without us watching especially if your divorce isn't even finalized. Just saying.

Slightly weird, but here is the video of her date below. Do you believe it???

"Glory To The Highest"

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