Sunday, November 24, 2013


Well fashion has seen it all when Rihanna who was all the talk of the American Music Awards, showed up in what??? a doobie!!! With pins in toe, and wrapped fitting to her head, she strutted and did that. Rihanna also won the first ever 'Icon Award'. Wow. Just think Rihanna who is barely out of her 20's winning that award. Go girl!!! Although some of you looked at this as a fashion trend that might have went wrong, I got to thinking about what she was really saying. Think about the liberation this brings to Black womEn who no longer have to hide in front of America AND lie to ay that we don't go to sleep with our pretty hair unwrapped, especially if we have a weave. It also shows I am beautiful without doing anything to myself to please you WORLD!!! So now I ask was it ratchette, or iconic??? You be the judge :)

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