Thursday, September 12, 2013


The ratchetteness never ends with these two. After Tamar Braxton decided to not accept K. Michelle's apology well K. Michelle is not taking the high road. It started off with K. Michelle going on the record and saying people should really try to purchase Tamar's new album the Tuesday it was released, which I thought was amazing considering she had called her Miss Piggy prior. So this past week when Tamar stopped by the morning show of "The Breakfast Club" she let the audience know that this in fact wasn't a truce for these two, because you can't be mean one day, and nice the next. Can we be mad at her? Miss Piggy isn't cute LOL.

Here is what Tamar had to say on 105.1 “If you do one good gesture, does that make up for you calling me a muppet? Does that make up for you telling everyone I lip sync. I don’t want to talk about her. In my third day I’ve sold over 100,000 copies of my album, so we aren’t even in the same conversation in life.”

So in K fashion she didn't take this too lightly of course.

I think both of these women should just stop talking to eachother. However I think K. Michelle is uber funny with all the crazy responses. The boob comment is out of this world, but this is K.

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