Sunday, September 15, 2013


I am not sure women are into Floyd Mayweather as much as I am. It's more than an attraction thing though, it's a respect for being one of the baddest boxers in the game. Just like I grew up seeing my dad gloat over Muhammed Ali, I now feel a love for this guys success, and how well he plays the game of sports. Not sure if anybody watched last night, but 36 year old Floyd, fought Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and of course won like I had predicted. Even when the crowd cheered for Canelo's Mexican heritage, it was clear by the end who had won the fight pound for pound at the end of the twelve round. I'm not sure who will win over this guy, but I can assure I don't see it happening. Even with a little weight issue before the fight, with Floyd weighing in less than his opponent, it was still no competition. Of course I'm not gonna bury you ladies with all the intricacies so I'll say this he WON. Here are some high-lighted pics:

Also I wanted to know who was Floyd dating and found out he might be dating some young beauty named; get this: Queen Princess!

Here is a pic:

Here's more pics of the night:

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