Thursday, September 12, 2013


This Mister Cee's story gets juicier and juicier. Really it does. Supposedly Mister Cee went back on Hot 97.1 after quitting yesterday to clear the air about what happened. If you are living under a rock you missed yesterday that Mister Cee was once again caught on footage getting sexual pleasures from someone of the same sex, dressed like a woman. In his statement at the station Mister Cee was quite emotional and still in somewhat of a denial to me. He seems to try to clear the air by saying he's actually not gay, but gets favors from transsexuals. It was really sad, to listen to him be in so much pain, to be so embarrassed, it was very emotional. I think there's a part of Mister Cee that doesn't believe the fans will still love him, and admire him, and that's the reason he will probably always be in turmoil.

I think the elephant in everyone's room is that Mister Cee is putting his health, his livelihood, career, and welfare at stake by messing with these random people and he's supposedly married. Has he considered that danger at all? Secondly, the truth will really set you free. Whether you are admitting it or not however you want to say it you are either bi-sexual or full blown gay. There is no butts about it....I also admire Ebro for not allowing this guy to just take the chicken road and quit, like your fans deserve answers, and I'm happy he returned after quitting to say something. Hot 97. 1 has really been supportive through this whole thing, and I really think he should face the music and go back to work. Tell the truth about what is going on with you, and get the help you need if need be. This stuff is truly nuts to me. Also just to add, he also states the audio was old, and he has been getting therapy for this. Umm he definitely has a problem.

I do want him to get his job back though.... LOL. At the end of the day you were offered your job back.

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