Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I usually start a disclaimer before I discuss anything that just don't make sense to me. So I am going to discuss this but it just don't make no kind of sense. A few weeks ago some crazy rumors hit the internet about Lamar Odom cheating on Kloe Kardashian all crazy with several white girls that I had never seen before. I know how media crazy this family can be, and I also know how they are victim to so much talk, so I looked the other way, and kept waiting for more information that was solid.

THEN, over the weekend news broke again that Lamar was on crack cocaine! I mean huh???? What planet does someone go from cheating one week to drug addiction the next. At first I thought someone is definitely sabotaging this guys career, and someone needs to get to the bottom of it. As of late it is said that Lamar's team mates have tried to intervene while he has been hauled up in some hotel. Is this really serious?

"The situation is dire — drug-troubled basketball star Lamar Odom rejected intervention attempts by teammates from the Los Angeles Clippers and his former team the Los Angeles Lakers, late on Monday afternoon, in a Los Angeles hotel room, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned. The dramatic talks lasted three hours during which Odom, 33, appeared to be under the influence of a substance, a source inside the room said. “There was a bit of time it appeared that Lamar was going to admit publicly his addition and go to rehab, again,” the source told Radar. “But then, he abruptly bolted from the hotel and left the premises.” It’s believed he is now hold up in another hotel. Odom’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, was also at the intervention and made a series of calls during which he begged him to return to the hotel, but the sixth-man refused. Said one source, “One minute Lamar is agreeing that he needs help and 30 minutes later, he says he just needs to be left alone. This is extremely serious, but there is really nothing anyone can do to save Lamar unless he wants to save himself.” The source said there was evidence that Odom had been under the influence of a controlled substance during the intervention. “Lamar was sweaty and talking very fast. His hands were shaking and he couldn’t sit still. He kept pacing in the room,” the source added. "- See more at: http://bossip.com/825723/sweaty-and-shaking-lamar-odom-ishts-on-clippers-and-lakers-teammates-as-they-all-attempt-last-ditch-intervention-43081/#sthash.IglyXyxC.dpuf

With all this going on it is said that Kloe is in fact giving Lamar another chance, because she fears he will file for divorce. Wow she must really love that man, because I have to admit if he was refusing to get help, I'm not sure I would care if he left or not. Later reports also said that Lamar is getting dropped from the Clippers! The Clippers were going to sign Lamar, but with reports of the drug abuse things went sour. I hope someone brings me to some clarity on this story..... Stay tuned....

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