Monday, August 26, 2013


You guys know I have a new love for K. Michelle these days, but I have always secretly wondered since she talks about working with R. Kelly, if he knew her in a special kind of way. We all remember the video (wink), and R. Kelly isn't the most conservative character, so I was kind of curious. K. Michelle had admitted in various interviews that she was in fact in a professional relationship with R. Kelly at one time, and that she respected him as a mentor. However recently R. Kelly made us think somewhat differently, and honestly I can't say that I was at all surprised if any of this is true.

"In a recent interview with "Streetz Morning Grind" at 94.5 in Atlanta, R. Kelly talks about his relationship with K. Michelle and hints at a time that he might've slept with K. Michelle."

R. Kelly says he's not sure what happened and that a drunken night might have turned into something but he's not sure. K, if you let him hit it tell the truth because I can't stand when people are supposed to be keeping it one hundred, aren't keeping it one hundred. LOL. I'm so sorry K, because I do love you.

R. Kelly did get on twitter of course, and apologize, but what do you guys think is the real story. I would love to hear what K. has to say but I haven't heard anything yet.

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