Monday, August 26, 2013


We all know the Video Music Awards can sometimes be unfair in the awards it decides to give out biased to a certain group of people (wink) but this year I decided to watch on the strength of just wanting to see what the ladies wore, and who was going to go bat crazy during the show. For me Miley Cyrus took the cake. This year Miley performed with Robin Thicke, and at first I wondered if she was drunk but as the performance went on I couldn't tell if it was a cry for attention, or just plain psychotic. After performing her song "We Can't Stop" with tongue hanging, and gyrating all over the place, Miley performed "Blurred Lines" with Robin (why I don't know) and during the performance threw it back like as if she was at a strip party. It's not that people haven't done crazier things at this show but for some reason, it was just plain old weird.

I happened to be watching the show with a friend, and my first impression was where the what is Paula? I couldn't imagine being a wife, and having my husband partake in such foolery, but Robin seemed to be quite a sport. Everyone needs to stop drinking so much before these award shows it might help. As I looked through social media today I ran across some of the funniest reactions, not just the one I had, and one of the most classic had to be Will Smith, and his two kids. Check the faces out below:


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