Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Just seconds ago Necolebitchie, and various other blog sites reported that Usher and Tameka Raymond's five year old son Usher V was reportly in ICU yesterday. What is it with this family and water, and why are their kids always involved in some crazy accident?

Supposedly while at Usher's house in Atlanta, the child was playing in the pool, when he reached for a toy in the drain and his hand got stuck! Various members in the house tried to pull his hand out but were unsuccessful, until finally some repair men were able to get him loose. The little boy had been in water so long he re portly was given CPR and rushed to the hospital. You know this would have been more madness had this not been the son that Usher has custody over, since Tomeka's Raymond's ability to care for her children came up in court when the two battled it out for custody. You have to watch your kids in the summer, since they tend to be involved in way more activities than usual. Reports state that little Usher is doing ok so far, thank God.


Well not that I didn't see this happening but Tameka Foster, Usher Raymond's ex wife has now filed full custody for her children. Tameka claims a dangerous environment was created for her sons by letting someone else (Usher's Aunt)watch them and that this same aunt has been aggressive in disciplining them. What do you think, would you file for custody as well, if your son almost drowned? How classic is it though that she was already filing paperwork, and it's only been a few days since this happened?

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