Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Ebony Magazine is not letting the Trayvon Martin case be forgotten as they decided to print four different covers for their September 2013 issue with the family and various celebrities with their children. This is an amazing cover, and it speaks unity to our community, I'm so proud. The magazine will cover "Stand Your Ground" laws, issues about racial bias, how to find solutions, and how to heal and move forward. I read an article in Essence Magazine the other day that talked about how sometimes racial profiling is subconscious. People have become programmed to affiliate the Black race with certain stereotypes, so the problem becomes more psychological than just physical. Interesting. How do we begin to fix this, and educate more about race matters? The covers include Trayvon's family, Dwayne Wade and his sons, Boris Kodjoe and son, and Spike Lee and his son. Beautiful piece of work by Ebony Magazine. Please support and pick up an issue.

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