Friday, August 23, 2013


Are you guys surprised at the way singer Kelly Price has been acting on reality tv show R&B Divas: LA? As of late I've been watching the show a little biased because to me what I envisioned Kelly being as a person has been totally different from what the show has portrayed her as. Kelly has been portrayed slightly insecure, immature, and combative. However this week Nikki Gillbert long time friend of the singer has slightly came to the rescue of Kelly to let us know that this may be in fact the bad editing of the show. Last year when we watched R &B Divas: Atlanta, we all wondered what was Nikki's deal on the show.

Could this be the case of bad editing or are these women really just being over dramatized for the camera. I'm sure I haven't been the only one feeling this way about Kelly though because Nikki has suggested that over the past few week she's seen her friend bullied, and belittled on social networks when people are unclear just how untrue editing can allow you to be perceived.

Nikki took to her instagram page to discuss the malice:

If u are building your brand off other peoples pain, you’re building PAINFUL brand and at some point you WILL FEEL ALL OF IT #ThatIsAll … It’s hard to watch people say such horrible things about such a talented woman and friend…BUT TIME HEALS & TELLS ALL @KellyPRice4Real…I see CLEARLY how based on what you see ‘CLEARLY’ you think you KNOW so based on that I understand the REACTIONS AND I TRUST GOD PLANS… KEEP WATCHING……

Instead of people all this energy into destroying someone PRAY FOR THEM you have NO IDEA how this is affecting this woman. IT’S NOT GOOD…The sad thing is how quickly ‘WE AS A PEOPLE’ allow them to use ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ as TOOLS to destroy our ‘OWN PEOPLE’ #IAintIntoThat … I suspect that as a result of me speaking the truth you will see a few more fraudulent blogs, articles, etc., about me soon LOL…#touche. #theButler made me realize the fight is NOT OVER, this time instead of billy clubs and hoses its social media and online bullies #FB #Stick2Gether

What is so crazy to me is that whenever is being portrayed as a not so favorable way by the shows, someone screams it's bad editing. Why don't I have that opinion of Claudette Ortiz on the show? I'm just saying.

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