Wednesday, July 24, 2013


You all know I'm starting to love K. Michelle. I love her energy, the fact that she says what she wants, and stays true to herself. Weeks ago Wendy Williams stated that she thought Love & Hop-Hop: Atlanta was ratchetto,and wanted nothing to do with inviting any guest to her show, well this week she had a change of heart because K. Michelle came by to perform. I love her voice, sometimes the videos are a little dated, and I would totally say this to her, but she is definitely an artist to watch out for. K. Michelle has even admitted to even getting her own reality show, and dating a ball player, Lance Stephonson. I'm happy for her, she's my home girl in my head totally. Someone even said to me yesterday that they thought K. Michelle was taking the place of Keyshia Cole.... WHOA. Any thoughts. Check out the performance, and Lance.

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