Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Many Media Outlets Think Beyonce Is Faking Her Pregnancy.......

I refuse to fall into the trap but there are gossip sites, and celebrity blogs as my own who swear that Miss Bey is not pregnant. Normally I report on things that I think could be true based on response, facts, and the inside track. I have to say with this there is just so much evidence that she might not be but I just won't fall prey to the fact that a grown woman would do anything like this for who? or for what? Really? (Scratches Head). If Beyonce Knowles wanted to have a surrogate mom why wouldn't she be honest. Is this really what the world is coming to. Bey for now I'm still on your side girl but how many months are you really?

Please see quote below.

- Bad Rebounding- The 10 Worst Mistakes People Make After A Bad Break Up
8. Faking Pregnant - Ladies, this is for you. Don’t try to reel him in by faking like you’re knocked up. Yeah, he might go crazy. And he’d have good reason to for you ruining his life.

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