Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Oh man I hate custody battles boy do they get ugly. Now Tomeka Foster is claiming Usher may have a drug problem! I mean if its true its one thing but if this is a way to tarnish Usher's image.. gosh girl..

Tomeka Foster claims Usher was totally incoherent at his Germany concert in January. This move comes after a move by Usher to gain custody of his two sons Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond in January... ok..Usher asked to take his kids on tour prior to this and Foster refused. Tomika claims Usher did not let her spend last Christmas with her children and owes her $34,000 in nanny bills. She then requested Usher take drug test claiming he was stoned during his Germany concert.. Wow.

Usher in turn refused to take a drug test by which Tomeka responded. “I believe he gets high. And if he doesn’t then he’d take the drug test, correct?” as stated by another media source.

This sounds very ludicrous and I think they need to get it together and come to some sort of visitation agreement. Those little boys are so gorgeous..

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