Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"I Want Somebody To Love Me For Me" In The Words Of Heavy D

For years as a child I danced in front of the mirror like I was part of of Heavy D's dance team. When I was not dancing I was enjoying watching him become an actor, a music executive and later one of the sweetest souls to cross paths with. From the start Heavy D known as Dwight Arrington Myers wanted to bring the party into rap. Heavy D, made it his business to lighten up the flow of hard core rap that became prominent in the late 80's and early 90's. His musical flow had its own rhythm that kept us happy, dancing and almost wanting to be in the celebration he always seemed to be having.

Yesterday November 8, 2011 Heavy D took his last breathe as he returned home from shopping. Some are saying this may have been the cause of a heartache. Heavy D left this earth being a father, an uncle, and most of all a friend. He is considered a musical icon to many and even helped launch many careers such as Monifah, P.Diddy, and the Boyz. We will never forget that pep in his step we love you heavy.

He will truly be missed. We will always love you Heavy.

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