Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sex Tape Scandal- Draya Michele

Can I just say who cares. I am so sick of people using this sextape craze as a way to get the fame that they have been longing for. I am not sure if this is Draya Michele's story from Basketball Wives L.A but we have to wonder. Kimmy Cup Cakes with the sex tape of the century and now Draya Michele apologizing for what she thinks is  on this sex tape.

Ok how about we don't let people video tape when we have our *****open. I'm just saying.

Talking about Basketball Wives L.A Jackie Christie is one confused individual. Watching the whole drama unfold on Monday was painful and laughable. I could not believe I was watching a bunch of grown woman go from one room to the next talking crap, accusing, and not making much sense. I just received word that there was some words bleeped during the conversation with Malaysia telling the group what Jackie said and supposedly she said that Jackie told a close basketball wife that Gloria might of fucked (bleep), and Laura Govan admitted to fucking (bleep). in the words of Tamar Braxton. What a mess. I bet alot more people were doing a lot more talking than they are admitting. Not that I feel like in any way that Jackie was not involved but there is always a fall guy. Always. I hope the final episode gets just as saucy as this last one I will surely be watching. I have to say that the last few weeks have been brutally interesting.

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