Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Justice Served For Michael Jackson???

The verdict is in and Dr. Conrad Murray the doctor  that was being accused of killing Michael Jackson was proclaimed as guilty. Did Dr. Murray negligently administer the lethal amount of propofol or did Michael Jackson inject his himself. In all cases of homicide there's always three sides.  The perpetrator, the victim, and the truth. The side of the deceased never really gets heard and in this case where the situation involved a public figure who we all admired it is really difficult not to get caught in the hype of passing blame and looking for a scape goat.  The truth is Michael could only be administered drugs that he requested. Whether or not there were people around him who saw his demise eventually and continued to let it happen is another issue.

At the end of the day Michael J. Jackson will truly be missed. I have not been really caught up in the case as much as I feel that we lost a musical genius and a beautiful human being. Michael changed our lives, our perspective on music,  and culture. Only Michael Jackson can really explain what he felt in his final hours or days of why he wanted to be so at peace that he was willing to risk his life.

After the verdict Dr. Murray was remanded with no bail and was shuttled out of the court room into prison. I couldn't help but wonder what he was feeling and how much he knew his own careless actions had caused such a fatality. He looked empty, indescribable almost. I hope justice has been served for Michael's family and for all of us who thought Dr. Murray was to blame.

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