Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Read Between The Lines May Be Here To Stay

Some shows start off where you are utterly confused on what direction they may take or what viewers may feel. Through the haze of reality T. V "Read Between The Lines" aired last night on B.E.T starring Malcolm Jamal Warner and Tracey Ellis Ross. I have to say it  was refreshing because I see that it has plenty of room to grow but gave us a synopsis of what direction and heights this show can soar to. I saw a lot of mixed reviews on twitter last night but I have to say for once I am happy that African American people are being shown as working, educated professionals, who care about family, love, and positive advancement. I have not seen a show about the African American  couple going through love woes but pushing through with love and understanding in a while. I am grateful for this and I will keep watching.

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