Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fantasia Burrino! Bed Rest, Mahalia Jackson, Antwuan

I like Fantasia Burrino I really do. Unfortunately for her the movie of Mahalia Jackson may not begin filming because of investors not really wanting to back up the biopic financially.  However a few months back rumors spread  that there were  allegations that they were trying to back out of the deal by blaming Fantasia's   pregnancy by a married man as a cause of the movie not being filmed. Fantasia Burrino did the Wendy Williams Show today and when Fantasia was asked about Antwaun Cook the married man she was dating two years ago as we all watched on her reality show with VH1 she went around the topic.

I mean it is Fantasia's life at the end of the day but own what you put out there. How do you expose us to your life, a suicide attempt, and now not really want to speak about the situation on Wendy Williams. I hope everything does work out for Fantasia because she is actually one of the most talented singers of our time. What I have found helpful with celebrities that put their business out there and then do the opposite of what we all expect is when they actually share with us why they have changed, grown, or decided not to grow. If you love the man you love the man. I really do not like judging women on the relationships they choose but based on Fantasia's reality show last year Antwaun was not the like able candidate for Fantasia's love. I hope it all works out. I love you girl!

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