Friday, September 9, 2011

VH1 Messes Up!

I'm a little on edge this week about what will unfold with Basket Ball Wives Miami next season. This week we got the sad news that Evelyn Lozada was deciding not to return to the show because of VH1 running their mouths on blogs about her cheating on Chad with T.O. I mean in a sense I was involved in all the talk but I did  not realize this would cause the star of Basketball wives to really walk. I mean I realize Evelyn is really on the come up with a brand of her own, a wedding in the near future to Ocho but I can't help but think girl what the hell are you thinking. You have  made a career out of being the reason anyone even watches Basket Ball wives and now you are calling it quits. I think this could be leveraged into much more, your own show, or anything else at this point. When you sign up to be a reality star you give your personal life away. Catching a temper tantrum about your name being in blogs negatively is just ridiculous since the only reason why I read the blogs is because I am sure to see something about Evelyn Lozada.

Dear Ev.. I realize you might be a little disgruntled that the image you are trying to build now that you are not seeking to be a basketball wife  but please do not disappoint us by not returning. With Jen not really having much a story line... and everyone else being to scared to fight Tammi  what are we left with.

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  1. Now I know where to come when I need the gossip lol. I love your blog babe.