Thursday, September 15, 2011

Superhead move over it's Draya Michelle

I have to admit it as much as folks will look at me with a side eye of disgust I actually like Basketball wives star Draya Michelle. Although the rumor mill about her mistreatment of her 8 year old son has circled and not thoroughly been confirmed she is who she is.  I love a woman who owns her shit. She is real and endearing. All the women on the show this season are annoyed by her freedom, her "it girl" attitude and they hate to admit it. I think she's beautiful well spoken and has a cute little personality. I'm not saying she's the next role model but this girl clearly has gone to the bank on a few of the ballers dimes. By no means am I saying this life is for me or I would try it but if you are who you are admit it. What I do dislike this season is how these other women pretend that at some point they were not in Draya's shoes trying to be the next bootie or the next wifey whatever they think it is. Own who you are and be real. As much as the show throws that word around its unfortunate its very seldomly done.

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