Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fake Babies

Wow.. so this week was so eventful. Basketball Wives L.A is showing up to be quite the drama filled story. I love my Miami girls but I can't help but think that yes I was glued to my T.V last night over Basketball Wives LA. It's hard to believe that a lot of the drama and fighting could actually be fake. It's just hard to fathom that they are realistic when there are overly dramatic apologies and make -ups. I mean how do you pull my hair and then request a meeting to talk and I aggree. Not happening but thats just me.

Lastly interesting story of the week Beyonce faked her baby bump. I do n't know how real this is but I threw up in my mouth when I heard it. I love Bey and I'm just happy that she is pregnant and looks great. If this is real (pause) but if not haters keep it moving. Just accept the fact that Beyonce is actually happy and now expecting.. Geesh.

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