Monday, August 22, 2011

Kimmy Cakes Cake OFF!

Below is an outline of how much Kimmy Cakes and new hubbie Mr. Kardasian caked off of this weekend's wedding!

Payments they received
* $15 million plus profit for four-hour, two-part wedding special on E!
* $2.5 million for exclusive photos with People magazine
* $300,000 for exclusive engagement announcement with People
* $100,000 for exclusive rights to bridal shower with Britain’s OK! mag
* $50,000 to have bachelorette party at Tao in Las Vegas
Stuff they got for free
* $15,000 to $20,000 Hansen’s Bakery wedding cake
* $20,000 Vera Wang wedding dress and fittings
* $40,000 for two more Vera Wang evening dresses
* $400,000 in Perrier Jouet Champagne
* $150,000 in hair and makeup for photo shoots and TV “home video”
* $10,000 in Lehr & Black wedding invitations

Tell me I'm dreaming or did I just read this correctly. Most of your wedding free. I can't even imagine. Yes I can.

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