Monday, August 22, 2011

Tammi Goes After Meeka's Hubbie!

It's really kind of sad that Meeka has so much to say during tapings but when it came down to verbal debates with these women she sucked. Tonight tune in for another slaying basically of her character as Tammi goes in about her husband. Tammi says" Speedy Claxton rode Tim Duncan and Tony Parker to a title. Speedy was traded to the Spurs from the Sixers where he played 30 games with them in the 02-03 season. He averaged 5 points and 2.5 assists. He had two key games in the finals where he stepped up and contributed to the win backing up Tony Parker. So while he may not have been a full out contributer, he showed up when it counted. That was pretty much the highlight of his pro career though". Wow. Honestly at this point I feel like Meeka should really exit stage left and never return. Her personality just doesn't fit with these girls. What a sad exit.

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