Friday, August 19, 2011

Does Karrine Steffans Have A Point?

Is Karrine Steffans Right?

Does Karrine Steffans have a point by saying that VH1 is putting together typecasted roles of Black women to sell to a demographic that is interested in drama. I think VH1 has deffinately surprised me by what they have allowed to really take place with a lot of the shows. Reality TV is a absolutely a forum where we get to see the real deals of peoples lives. How real is it though if executive producers are telling you talk about her when she leaves. It made me think about a lot of what Meeka said in a number of interviews (still trying to get shine) about the producers knowing about the plan for Tammi to confront her and getting slapped in the club.  I am sure they did and I am sure they knew this would blast the ratings through the roof. The problem is at whose expense. I walked down a crowded street a few weeks ago and I noticed a little girl bobbing her head back and forth telling this other little girl "you can't tell me what to say', I say what I want bitch. I'm fucking grown". I swear she didn't even look more than ten. So is Karrine right?

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