Monday, April 7, 2014


Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Relationships and marriages are definitely work, but we would like to have faith that when men of God get married those relationships have a sure chance of working out. Well, not sure if you guys remember but rapper Mason Betha turned pastor twelve years ago and started a church with his wife Twyla. News has recently broke out that after selling tons of books, and pastoring a church, the two were secretly filing divorce papers in different states.

Well here is what TMZ had to say:

According to TMZ, not only are they divorcing, it appears to be a bit messy. Reportedly, Mase initially filed for divorce, asking for the couple’s two children. A few weeks later, he dropped the divorce case. Allegedly, the day after Mase filed in Atlanta, Twyla filed for legal separation in San Diego. In return, Mase filed asking for a full-blown divorce. Reportedly, in the legal documents filed by Mase, it indicated that they had been separated since 2012.

Umm really why would they fake being a couple though?. Supposedly the two were separated since 2012 I'm sure there is a huge explanation for this... I hope. I like Mase, and I've always been very proud of him for choosing his faith over the world. I hope this works out.

God Bless You!!

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