Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It seems like everyone is talking the act of cheating these days, and just how much they would allow in their marriage or relationships. Me personally, I am a huge believer in doing anything possible to save your marriage, if your spouse is unfaithful, but some people think it's too much of a pass. I know that people make mistakes, and if you really want to save your marriage I believe with help both of you can work it out. Notice I said the word 'MARRIAGE', not your cheating boo thing of seven years. lol

Lately blogs, and television shows have been very vocal about cheating spouses. Tina Campbell from the group 'Mary Mary' has been very honest on this season's show about her husbands infidelity. Was this too private to share with the world? I thought so. Some things having to do with marriage are best saved for the home, that's just my opinion. Do I think it was worth a try to save her marriage absolutely. Recently Erica also spoke about her possibly being involved in some infidelity issues ... WHAT!!!

She explained,

"I really understood what she was talking about. A lot of people always assume that it was him. You don’t know who it is. That’s something that’s between me and [husband] Warryn [Campbell]. Most people assume that it’s always the guy. That’s not always the case."

Is it ever ok for a partner to cheat in a marriage, and if they do cheat is it completely a done deal for you?

God Bless You!!!

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