Friday, March 21, 2014


It can get rough when you have to work through- literally- through your issues. These days R&B artist Keyshia Cole seems to be in a very tense space, as she sat with 'The Breakfast Club'this week to talk about her new music, and life. Throughout the interview Keyshia would try to remain discreet, but the pain was so heavy I think she really wanted to just vent. She expressed her need to release new music, but with divorce rumors swirling with husband Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson, and family issues, Keyshia wasn't in the happiest mood.

Lately Keyshia has been in heavy promotion of her new song (Next Time-Won’t Give My Heart Away), and Charlamagne of course wasn't quiet about what she thought of BeyoncĂ©, why she went at Michelle Williams, and how she feels about the way people respond to her on social media. At times it seemed questioning was tense, but Keyshia tried to share as best as she could. Awww. I hope it all works out for her. Dealing with a rough relationship is hard period, let alone marriage. Even though I haven't been a listener of Keyshia's recent albums, I'm definitely praying for the success of this new project. I always want my women to win.

Check out the interview below:

God Bless You!!!

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