Thursday, March 13, 2014


Most of us will never admit this, but I'm pretty sure a lot of Black women have been the victim of physical abuse at some time or another. I myself was involved in a domestic dispute twice in my life, that thankfully I escaped from. Today I stand as an advocate for non-tolerance of sexual abuse, and physical mistreatment of women. When I stumbled upon this information today I was stunned but not at all surprised.

This week, a 19-year-old student named Mori Gabriella Montgomery shocked twitter when she posted horrific photos of her face after a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. The photos show her in a neck brace, face swollen, and bruised. Ugghhh.

The twitter posts below are that of the victims and please brace yourself before reading but remain open, someone needs this somewhere:

Pity is not what I ask from you. I am well aware that those pictures may look as if I want attention, but that is far from my goal here. I wanted everyone to see that because I want everyone to know that you don’t have to go through what I went through. You can leave any relationship before it gets this extreme or god-forbid worse.

She also described what happened in a caption under one of the photos:

This might be a little graphic but I just want to let everyone know that I am okay. I am a survivor of domestic violence with a boy I dated for 8 months. I really thought everything was fine but he constantly questioned me about cheating and flirting. Nonsense. I never looked at someone the way he looked at me. Thought I loved this boy. How can someone that ‘loves’ me do this to me? The scars on my chest are way worse and extend down to my right nipple, completely scarred. The skin on my shoulder has been completely skinned. And I have bruising on my rib cage, neck, and my muscles. I was kicked out of a moving vehicle, then beaten and dragged, as I blacked out and was left lying there in my own puddle of blood. Doctors said I could have died if not made it when I did. I am so blessed and beyond lucky to be alive and have so much support from friends, family, and strangers. As I try to recover I ask to please keep me in your prayers. I have to wear a neck brace for 3-4 weeks, an arm cast and I can barely walk for now. Thank you for all the love. I hope to be an inspiration to women and anyone involved in domestic violence.

Some crazy twitter folks thought this was attention seeking, and uncalled for. I think it was pretty brave, and honestly someone so humble that they didn't care what the world thought, but wanted some young girl to see this and run the other way.

Have you ever been in a domestic violence situation? Please, if it is the last thing you do never go back. Not only is it humiliating, but it usually continues even if it's not physical, it does continue in some way.

Read more:; dailynews; twitter

Sometimes it's not all about celebrities but more about saving a life.

God Bless You!!

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