Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hollywood, and marriage sometimes just don't mix. There is a sacredness about a married couple that I just don't think works with the lights camera action. I followed this wonderful couple for years as I rooted for their love which started in HIGHSCHOOL. Well today I announce Paula Patton, and Robin Thicke are doneso, and have called a separation. Some breaks up seem unreal, even the ones you sometimes take part in. Love is a tricky thing, but I still am a believer that love endures all things, and believes all things.

Just months ago these two told us how to make love work in Hollywood, even though rumors swirled that Mr. Thicke just couldn't be faithful. YIKES:

"t’s you pretty much take it one day at a time…You have to love them every day…The thing is, people are changing every day….Just meaning that, we’re no different than any couple out there….somehow there’s this big bang theory that pulls us close to each other…"


God Bless!!!

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