Thursday, January 9, 2014


Reality TV can kick the dirt off of anyone's career these days. Ex-video model Melyssa Ford is all over doing interviews for her new role in reality show series 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' on Bravo. I saw the show this past week on DVR and I'm interested to see how this all unfolds as there are some cooky personalities on the show. LOL. Needless to say Melyssa is playing it safe for now, but I'm sure she'll have some excitement as we continue to watch.

This morning Melyssa joined the crew on 'The Breakfast Club' in New York to talk about what she's been up to since being out of the video industry; being one of the most top paying 'Video Vixen's (She hates this term) for so many years, and how the new show came about.

The crazy thing is as biased as this may sound I was one of the people who thought alot of these women were degrading themselves in the video industry, and doing God knows what for fame when the cameras weren't rolling. Melyssa however explained to the team that she was quite professional and managed to use the platform to build a business around herself which I could appreciate. Ladies we all can get to a level of success without having to disrespect ourselves. The unfortunate part is that a greater part of the video girl industry has been biased as just the opposite, because of the famous Karrine Steffans who wrote the tell all book about her naughty experiences being a video vixen in 'Confessions Of A Video Vixen'.

There were some real saucy moments when Melyssa talks about her ex-boo Flo-Rida that I found extremely honest, and very revealing. Check it out!!!

'Glory To God'

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