Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I guess an 8 1/2 carat rock will have anyone shutting up huh??? lol. Gabrielle Union joined the 'Kelly and Michael' show and didn't say a peep about the new baby rumors concerning new fiance Dwayne Wade. Anyhoo Gabrielle talked about everything concerning the engagement and how he had the kids propose. How cute. Did you'll get a chance to check out 'Being Mary Jane', I am no supporter of women dating anybody's husband, and I'm sure people will be watching for the same reason everyone got stuck on 'Scandal' to see a scandal but Gabrielle does a great job at really providing us with a strong character.

Check out what Gabrielle had to say about how she got proposed to:

I was completely surprised. Him and the boys planned it completely as a family. We were just going to spend the day together, have a little quality time. We went to brunch and I’m clueless. D was like ‘do you want to put on any make up’ and I was like ‘no’. I was putting on clothes to go to our house that’s under construction so I’m dressed to go to a construction site. We do a little tour of the house, me and D are upstairs and the boys are down stairs and they say, ‘we want to do a little presentation for you’ so I thought they were going to do a skit or something. Me and D turn around and they’re like ‘now’ so we turn back around and they’re holding a sign that says ‘Will you marry us’.

The thing is they ask me all the time. So I was thinking this is embarrassing, now they’ve made signs and I turn to D and he’s down on my yoga block. And he’s like ‘will you marry us’? And I was like ‘oh you’re serious? Of course!’ The kids couldn’t hear me and they were thinking I said no and I [looked at them] said yes and they teared up the stairs’.

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