Thursday, January 2, 2014


What is up with men fathering babies outside of their relationships these days, while on a BREAK? To top everything off the excuse that I've heard on for both sides this weekend have to do with the fact that they were broken up when it happened. Is it me ladies but why would my ex man maybe months into our break up be with another woman putting themselves at risk for disease, and a baby. I'm so confused about why this is acceptable.

This past weekend news hit the airwaves like wild fire when newly engaged couple Dwade Wade and Gabrielle Union finally let the cat out of the bag that he was the father to son " Xavier Zachariah Wade, born Nov. 10, 2013, to Aja Metoyer. Aja has two other children with Damon Wayans Jr. and lives in Los Angeles. D.Wade maintains that the child was conceived while he and Gabrielle were having a ‘break’ from their relationship." Ummm yeah, SMH.

On the other side of town "rapper Ludacris (real name Chris Bridges) is the newest celebrity that ALLEGEDLY became a father outside of his relationship. Reportedly, the rapper and actor started a short fling with a woman named Tamika Fuller earlier this year, when he was on break from longtime and current girlfriend Euxodie. The short-lived relationship, resulted in him fathering a child born last month. According to TMZ, the two had a daughter named Cai Bella Bridges, born on December 9, 2013."

Geesh just think if I am on break, does this give my ex the right to go out and enter another relationship shortly after, produce a child, and we then we get back together. Sounds so messy, and I can't even imagine. What do you think?

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Read more: Ummm keep in mind, I think they got engaged last week. Where do they do that at??? Anything for a ring ladies, or would this had been a broken engagement for you.

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