Friday, December 13, 2013


When I saw that Beyonce had released an album I have to admit I was thrown for a loop. Talk about innovative, releasing an album with no real publicity, social media scheme, and we are still badly rummaging through our internet channels wanting to see the already made videos!!!. How can a girl focus on a Friday. Here is what I was able to gather about this project thus far.

According to Necole Bitchie- At midnight on the 13th (1 +3 = 4) of December, Beyonce followed in her hubby’s footsteps with some new rules of her own when she decided to drop her fifth studio album, with no warning and no promotion. The self-titled album is priced at $15.99 on Itunes, and although you can’t download any of the content separately, you get BANG for your buck with 14 songs and 17 videos.

Here is what Beyonce said pushed her to make such a power, brave move:

I feel like right now, people experience music differently. I remember watching Thriller on TV with my family, it was an event, we all sat around the TV and now looking back, I am so happy I was born around that time. I miss that immersive experience. Now, people only listen to a few seconds of a song on their IPODS, they don’t really invest in a whole album. It’s all about the single and the hype. There’s so much that gets between the music, and the artists and the fans. I felt like, I don’t want anybody to give the message when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it is ready, and from me to my fans.

I told my team, ‘I want to shoot a video for every song and put them all out at the same time!’ Everyone thought I was crazy, but we’re actually doing it, it’s happening!’

I wanted to make this body of work, and I feel like it’s something that’s lost in pop music. I wanted people to hear things differently and have a first impression. Not just listen to a 10 second clip, but actually be able to see a whole vision of the album. It was important that we made this a movie, we made this an experience.

I wanted everyone to see the whole picture, and to see how personal everything was to me. I will make my best art and just put it out. And that’s why it’s out today!

This is deffinately genius.....

Here is a preview of what to expect, all of the videos are creative and gorgeous!!!


Glory To The Higest

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