Friday, November 1, 2013


It's the first of November and I'm super intrigued at what to expect for the rest of the two months of this year. Some juicy entertainment stuff to look forward to for this month is "The Best Man Holiday" release lol. Yes I'm super excited for this movie, and I bid everyone to go out and support the sequel to the first movie I saw years ago in 2000 that showed Black people as successful, and the intricacies of our love. Yes we are complicated. This month my most favorite character in the movie Morris Chestnut sat down with 'Upscale Magazine' to talk about where he is now in his own relationship, and of course grace us with a cover. Yippie! Check it out!

On his role in The Best Man Holiday:

“This movie, this was the most challenging thing that I’ve ever had to do. I was just so emotional. The character was just so emotional—way more than the first one. When we did the first movie, the scene where I was at the altar and I had to cry when I was getting married, that shook me. For, like, years, I would think about that scene. It would give me chills.”

On marital roles:

“I let my wife be the woman. You know? I let her be the woman. And she, in turn, when it comes down to it, she lets me be the man.”

On keeping his relationship strong: “With my wife, I’m always letting her know what the deal is. ‘It’s you. Ain’t nobody else. It’s you.’ And I think, conversely, that’s what a woman needs to do for a man.” -

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