Monday, October 28, 2013


Hope you guys had a fun blessed weekend!

As for me I was trying to stay away from writing about the nonsense of Chris Brown. I really like this guys music, and I just wish he would focus on that, the music. If you haven't heard already Chris Brown was arrested in Washington, DC for attacking a guy and breaking his nose. This charge was later reduced to misdemeanor charges, but I just want to know when this man is going to realize the importance of his blessing, and stay out of trouble. I finally thought this time they were going to make an example of him, but once again Chris was released. I'm not saying I don't support him as a young Black man, but at what point do people stop pacifying this crazy behavior. You cannot do what you want Chris, I'm sorry. He was later ordered to stay 100 feet from the guy. What is next with this guy?

In better news that us ladies love, Ciara is engaged to Future. I thought they were married already I have to be honest. Ciara not only celebrated her 28th birthday, but she got a 15 carat ring. Sometimes you just know when God has found the person for you. Check out what Ciara said on Wendy Williams earlier this year about the relationship with Future.

This is what I feel; this is a place I’m in. I’ve always been so reserved and to myself. In this day in my life I’m so comfortable in my skin. And I feel so good about where I am. I’m very confident and comfortable in the way he loves me. Imma put in the universe positive things. I’m going to put in the universe that it’s only going to get better and better.

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