Friday, September 20, 2013


I will say this from the top of the roof top till the end, RELATIONSHIPS CAN BE TRYING. Sometimes I think had I lived my entire life alone, would I have faced all the issues I had faced. Would I have learned the lessons, would I know myself, what works and what does not? Our interactions with people can make us or break us. Sometimes we walk away with the lesson and other times we are left in utter confusion. Even in the intricate life of celebrity relationships, they go through, just as much as regular folk. Some months ago we had heard that Keyshia Cole and Daniel "Boobie" Gibson were having marital problems. These two never parted ways, and it seemed as though they made grand attempts to make the relationship better but still they struggle. As of late rumors have been swirling that he's been ranting and raving on social networks. Some of it indicates that he's going through a lot of internal turmoil. Do you think these two are happy? GEESH.

In the world of reality tv Porsha Stewart joined the cast of Housewives Of Atlanta as a smitten housewife who loved herself some Kordell Stewart ex NFL player. Rumors swirled that this guy might be gay and things seemed to get undone during last season. However, Porscha defended him to no end, that is until he dropped her like hot cakes after last season. Everyone thought he was controlling and sometimes pretty cold, but Porscha supported her man. Now after the split Porscha is singing a new tune suggesting that Kordell may in fact have been "How you doing" in the words of Wendy Williams. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. The sixth season starts November 3rd on Bravo. I'll be watching.

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