Friday, September 20, 2013


I've tried to stay away from this, because nobody knows this but I love me some Carmen Bryan. Not because she bragged about smashing Jay-Z in her book "It's No Secret", but because she took sorrow and pain and chronicled it for us to see her life as an industry woman. I love this because I was once an industry girl, and I know how easy it could have been to get swept up into the madness. We all read the story, and couldn't put the book down, when it was released. However, as of late it seems Carmen who I love has put us all on notice that another book is in the works for us to gag over. Questions are popping all over, on if she dealt with Nas after the release of the book, and his marriage to Kelis? or if she regrets exposing the secrets? We've all seen the blogs of how strongly she feels about Nas's relationship with their daughter Destiny. Needless to say, I want to know, what really is going on.

Dear Carmen,

You know I love you girl. I met you about six years ago at a WBLS "Circle Of Sisters" event, and even though I wasn't a blogger back then you still let me in on some juicy details of your book as an usher. I loved the fact that you could of have had a swollen head at that time, but you talked to me, and for that I respect you. I am only writing this because girl we all want to know what happened and shoot, I want that interview. I want that exclusive. So no hate, I'm definitely still not bashing I just want to know what are you thinking now? So to the friend in my head, hit me up for that interview.

Also I hope that the new book is tasteful, and I hope for the sake of Destiny everything still remains peaceful.

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