Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Well Oprah is doing the darn thing with all these new successful shows under her belt, including "The Haves and Have Not's", "Sweetie Pie's" and now coming in the Fall a reality show about some what??? Harlem chicks. I love that. I think it's wonderful to broadcast real women people can relate to in this light, and on that type of platform.

‘Crazy. Sexy. Life‘ is a docu-series following the lives of four longtime girlfriends living in Harlem. Cameras will give viewers an inside look at Kiyah, Bershan, Chenoa and Tiffany focusing in on their New York City lives, both personal and professional. So many times, we think that only females dating ballers, and her hang with socialite's are entertaining but how about some good old girls from around the way. I can't wait! Let me find out that Oprah is trying to steal the Mona Scott formula.

Here is what OWN's president had to say:

We feel strongly that Crazy.Sexy.Life. will resonate with our viewers. Set against the backdrop of America’s most vibrant and competitive city, this show details what real life is all about for a quartet of very different personalities who have embraced one another as ‘family’ for more than a decade, and who depend on one another unconditionally.

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