Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Did you watch the 5th season Basketball Wives: Miami episode 1? Well just to fill you in, the nutshell was that Evelyn was highly torn apart by the incident with Chad Ochocinco's way of handling their marriage the day he decided to become physically abusive, when Evelyn Lozada supposedly found condemn receipts in the back of his car. The entire episode besides Shaunie and Tami's discussion about dealing with potentially not having her mom around due to her illness was mainly about Chad. It really was a Chad bashing moment, but I wondered watching how much of that was exactly for that reason. I know producers love to get what is juicy and relevant, but to say it was overboard is an understatement. We all know I love Evelyn, but I'm hoping that the rest of the season involves more. I think we also saw an episode that was taped a year ago, and perhaps that's exactly the space she was in. Either way I'm going to keep watching. Here is what Evelyn had to say in defense of probably realizing the whole show was about Chad.

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