Monday, July 15, 2013


Shay Johson sat down with 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" and you know nothing was off limits. As we all know it has been a never ending saga with Shay and Scrappy on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, and supposedly they are at the place where they are now friends and not lovers. Can Scrappy always have keys to that truck Charlemagne jokingly asked umm probably yes. What is so interesting about Shay is how she speaks of herself as if Scrappy was her man, and not someone else's, and that is probably because we find out that Erica Dixon was Scrappy's side piece at one point, when he was dating Diamond. Even recently Shay revealed that on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show Scrappy revealed that Erica had gotten pregnant by a married man! WOW. Is she stil involved with Scrappy? Ummmmmmm she claims no, but I have a feeling that Shay will always be around.......

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  1. shay is such fame hungry whore she look like she is one cheeseburger from a stroke hoe shut the fuck up!