Friday, May 3, 2013


Crawford Melo LalaWhy is another man insinuating that another man’s wife slept with another ball player. I love Lala Anthony so I hate to touch this but supposedly a small verbal altercation broke out at the Knicks verses Celtics game the other night  between Carmelo Anthony and Boston guard Jordan Crawford. Supposedly rumor has it that he brought up the fact that Lala had slept with Kevin Garnett. Ugghhhh ugly! I  just don't get why this story is even swirling, I mean would Lala do something like that? Who knows. I just know either Melo has to handle these rumors with Kevin, or something has to give. SMH.

This wouldn't be juicier without Lala herself commenting after the game so she hit IG up and had this to say!

The caption that Lala reads:
“Try again. You on the bench for a reason.”
Tell ‘em La! What type of grown man is concerned with who another grown man is or ISN’T sleeping with?!? SMH

lala IG;

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