Monday, May 6, 2013


mister cee-hot 97 interview-arrested for soliciting prostitution-the jasmine brand
Mr. Cee!!!! What is going on. As I was watching the fight Saturday, a friend of mine showed me their instagram post of you once again looking crazy. It's not the fact that you are a gay man either, because I am not a homophobic by ANY means, it's the fact that you keep denying, and picking up prostitutes where people either insinuate, or there's there's conflicting arguments on whether these prostitutes are male or female. Over the weekend DJ Mr. Cee was picked up once again, for you guessed it, picking up a male/or female prostitute. My guess is, it's a male, probably dressed in female clothes. Mr. Cee was arrested a few years back for soliciting oral sex from a under-age transsexual male in 2011. Yikes. He plead guilty to loitering and engaging in prostitution. Yuck. What is the deal foreal? This morning Mr. Cee went on Hot 97, to sit down with the morning crew to discuss what we all want to know.Check out a snap shot of the interview where Mr. Cee says he's not gay:
I am not gay.  I don’t really care what people think. I really don’t. People have accused me of being gay, for probably ten years now.
He continued:
I kinda mentioned this earlier, I embrace the gay community. I do a lot for the gay community. I have very close people in my family that are gay and support them. So, I don’t know maybe it’s that. I don’t know what it could come from. I’m not gonna sit here and really care or be concerned.
The veteran also clarifies what his real issue is.
I have an addiction not only to prostitution, I have an addiction to get a quickie.

Ummmm ok.; instagram 

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