Thursday, April 11, 2013


Mona Scott- Young interviewed with Ebro and K. Foxx from Hot 97 from New York and discussed how she started in the business and all things reality. Come to find out Mona started off dancing, and she was actually in a “Black Sheep” video. Nice. Mona also talked about how she met her husband, and him being an at home husband taking care of their son. I kind of like that. Mona is doing so much it was good to hear that she has a husband that’s so supportive.
Ebro also opened up the topic of the role she plays in what everyone is calling ratchette television. Mona said people have choices, you choose the life you want. You don’t have to take what she portrays and make it your story, and she sleeps well at night. Ebro however says the women on television are ghetto, inarticulate, and it makes him uncomfortable to watch around White people!!! Hear more below.

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